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Very old pic of roo taken with slingshot

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Very old photo of a small roo.
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Kangaroo meat is beautiful.

0 fat.

Very tasty, a bit tough.

Needs to be cooked slowly and for a while but man, it [email protected]#$#@n good!
I just wish I knew how to skin and treat the hide properly.

Kangaroo leather is very soft and I'm thinking would make the perfect pouch leather.
Probably about 12-15 kilo. Was only a little one.
Farmers have it hard enough in dry times without loosing 20-30% of there crop to roos (even more in some remote areas). I'll turn up at a property on dusk and the farmers will just about give me there daughters to go knock as many over as possible.

The eastern grey as shown in the pic are a real problem. The red kangaroo however is under threat, mainly due to rabbits and camels. We don't shoot reds and I'd shoot anyone who did, they are a beautiful creature.

They have an interesting reproduction system that I think is unique to kangaroos only. The female is able to be impregnated and then hang onto the sperm for several years, choosing when to have offspring based on food supply. And when she does, can produce new young every 2-3 months. It's amazing how quickly they can reproduce when food is abundant.

Like anywhere, we are always met with a lot of protest, especially on the advertised government organised culls. I have to admit though, some of these protesters have some real balls, picketing property entries when they know we are all carrying high power rifles with thousands of rounds of ammunition. They don't seem to understand though, that nothing goes to waste and it is for there own good. We will tag and mark every animal dropped with a gps, and when we leave the property, we hand the gps over to the butchers and skinners who then follow our path and harvest the meat and skins. Also, there are hundreds of thousands of roos starving to death in some areas due to over population. We took a husband and wife team of protesters out one day and showed them starving and dying roos. She was in teers, he was not far off. Suffice to say, they are now on our side.
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Outstanding effort and very believable.

The old daisy elastics were absolutely fantastic, if a bit temperamental and short-lived. I had many a kill and one that was not a kangaroo but on this level with them. Of course some idiot changed the composition of them and now I feel they suck and retaliated by joining the Chain Gang.

Fantastic post and a truly supreme credit to the resortera. I am a very jealous man! I
Yes I noticed this. After I wore out my first 2 sets of bands that came with it (they never broke, just lost all their power), I ordered 2 more and the new ones came with these weird plastic things attaching the pouch, (I didn't realised the rubber type had changed) . They were nowhere near as good and it was at this point I retired the daisy. Now I have discovered Thera-Tube I might have a go at making a new set or possibly attaching a set of flats as described in another post I read here (sorry can't remember who posted it)
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