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A vice is generally used to compress materials to process these with a tool of some kind.

However, the expanding motion of vice jaws also works for the benefit of creating tension in the elastic ends to be tied to a pouch. The basic idea is the use of two wood blocks with a rectangular hole cut into the upper section of each block, and both being placed inside the vice jaws and held in place with the help of external clamps. The inside of the vice jaw is generally curved, and thus requires a shaped insert attached to each block to allow the latter to stand upright inside the vice jaws.

Spring operated clamps are inserted in the rectangular holes of the blocks, where the upper section of the clamps rest on the upper surface of each block: this is where the pouch is held in place on one side, and the rubber ends of flat bands or tubes are held in place on the other side. With everything in place correctly, rotating the vice screw anti-clockwise will widen the space between the vice jaws, and thus generate tension on the rubber ends of flat bands or tubes to attach these securely to the pouch.

There is a video of the entire process here:

Your feedback will be much appreciated.

Download PDF
Download PDF
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