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This thread is a reference where people can find useful videos on Slingshot Shooting. As new videos are found, they will be linked to under the following categories:

"How To" Videos

How to make a "W" slingshot with common tools, at home :

How to make the "Gloveshot" at home

"SHTF" condoms and broomstick emergency slingshot

How to make a power steel slingshot with common tools

Where to find the parts for slingshots

Shooting techniques

The "Butterfly" Shooting Style

Flipstyle Test Slingshot

Impact Videos

Slingshot vs Helmet

HiSpeed slingshot vs. bottles and fruits stuff

Slingshot Havoc

Slingshot Carnage

Slingshot vs. Red Bull

Slingshot vs. Ballistic Gelatine

Slingshot vs. Soup Can

Slingshot vs. Leg of Lamb

Slingshot vs. Eisbein (pig's leg)

Slingshot vs. Coconut

Gatling Slingshot vs. Seven Champagne Bottles

Slingshot Destruction

"The W" against fruits

Eight unregulated weapons vs. Ballistical Gelatin

Slingshot vs. Pig Cheek (Schweinebacke)

Smashing fruits with the new 5th gen "W" slingshot

Tournaments and events

The East Coast Tournament 2010:

-General Slingshot Information

Custom Slingshot Presentations

Monster Slingshot with enormous Power

"Compound" slingshots (with pulleys)

The "V" slingshot

The "V" enhanced!

"W" with pulleys

The "4x4" and the "VV"

The most extreme slingshot, NO dead play

Reviews about commercial slingshots

Bellsofhythe "Lucky Seven" Slingshot

Introducing the Dankung "Cougar" designed by Jörg Sprave

Fish "Ergo2" Slingshot

The Dankung "Warrior" Slingshot

Saunders Hawk vs. Fish Hunter

Barnett Strike, Trumark S9FO, BIG vs, 2 homemade slingshots

Bands and Pouches

Bill Herriman's Express Bands:


"Southern Flip Style"
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Here's some that can be added:

First video documented card cut with a slingshot from 33'... one shot one kill.

Shooting a Samurai Sword with a slingshot, splitting the lead killing two balloons. Musashi meets William Tell

11 hits on a Coke can from 33' in one minute:

First video documented suspended card cut

20 shots inside of a less than ping pong ball sized hole from 40' (Record)

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Some more:

130 foot card card in high winds on a suspended playing card (World Record)

Power of an adult level slingshot... destroying 5 unopened soda cans and penetrating a plastic jug with one shot.... warning and advisory

Simple straightfoward chrony test of various elastics:

How to shoot slingshots, easy beginners tutorial:

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My homemade world's first Really(!!!) Big Game hunting SlingBow.
Draw weight 44#, arrow 8 gpp, blistering speed 206 fps, Kinetic Energy 33 ft.lbs.
(Easton Kinetic Energy Recommendation Chart: deer hunting 25-41 ft. lbs).
Other my competitors slingbows achieve maximum speed 161 fps and 20 ft.lbs of KE.
A light arrow 6,6 gpp (grains per pound), without fieldpoint, speed 216 fps

Only the best traditional hunting recurve bows can shooting a little better like my SlingBow... This is world's smallest Really Big Game archery hunting stuff too. I showed just a homemade prototype built provisionally; but made later by a professional manufacturer should have such performances: draw weight 60+ pounds, arrow 420 grains 235+ fps and KE 51+ ft.lbs.
My SlingBow is hidden, because my idea is not patented yet.

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