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Vintage slingshots at the Etsy website - interesting choice

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Hello everybody,

I came across this website with some interesting vintage slingshots from various parts of the world:
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That is where I got my big iron slingshot for cheap. A couple people on there are making new slingshots out of railroad spikes which look cool and nearly indestructible, too.

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with some interesting vintage slingshots
I love how polite you are.

Some of these are just embarrassing.

Like this one here:

This shape and carving of this figure is associated with the Mossi fertility doll carried by the girls and women. ... his female image is unique. This is a beautiful representation of .... Mossi culture.

We all know darn well what it is. The slingshot function is a distant second. Trust these "cultures" to make things weird. :slap:

It's like Andy Warhol's bean soup can.... everyone thinks it's a work of art. Meanwhile the artist was probably laughing at you.
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