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Wood Tree Foot Human leg Plant

I found this walnut fork on a downed limb back in the woods. I almost left it there, because when I cut it, most of the wood was punky. I could push a thumbnail into it easily.

But the heartood looked good, and that was enough to lug it home and start trimming with a hatchet to see what was workable.

The rasp did the shaping. Eventually I thought I saw a Feihu in the heartwood and went for that.

Now I need to band her up!

Wood Road surface Bedrock Trunk Tints and shades

Dog Wood Carnivore Fawn Companion dog

Leaf Botany Wood Branch Organism

Natural material Wood Tree Trunk Metal
Natural material Wood Tree Trunk Metal

Terrestrial animal Liver Wood Foot Marine mammal

Leg Human body Gesture Wood Finger

Thanks for looking!


1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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