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Hello everybody,

Other than slingshots, I also like nice but affordable so-called "homage " watches of brands, such as Rolex. Their "Daytona" and "Explorer GMT" range watches are simply out of range for anyone with a fairly normal income, which is why I sought to find some good copies in terms of styling, but of course without the original product logos.

These days, China is where many of the key parts needed to manufacture watches are made on behalf of major European watch manufacturers, who sell their products at premium prices. Moreover, the Swiss government standard that 60% of watch parts and labor must have been carried out in Switzerland for a watch brand to earn the "Swiss Made" label does not apply to watch cases, bracelets, bezels, or watch hands. "Swiss made" in China?

Although I have always liked affordable Tissot and Certina watches (Swatch group), I have found their prices way too high in recent years, particularly knowing that Swatch has large manufacturing facilities in China..I thus started looking at the Chinese brands that seems to have a good reputation on watch forums, such as "watchuseek".

One of these is "Parnis", who make some very nice homage watches of the Rolex designs I mentioned above.

Here is a nice homage copy of the Rolex GMT I just purchased for USD 75:

It is very well made, and the mechanical movement seems to be quite accurate.

If you've ever wanted an affordable Rolex "Daytona" homage watch, this Parnis range with a mechanical quartz movement (Seiko VK-64) is really nice:

Honestly, I did wonder how they can sell something that nice for such a low price, and started searching for info.

This is how I came across this detailed article that describes the Parnis watch company and its products - read here:

I came to the general conclusion that Swiss watch brands are massively overpriced for what they are. This includes Rolex, even if they make their own in-house watch movements, and have very high quality standards.

Let me know what you think. B)
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