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OK here is another way that you can tune your shooting skill. One of the most common causes of not being able to shoot a tight group is a poor release. Now just about everybody knows that you must have a smooth release. The old timers favorite ways of describing this is, to release like you are releasing a butterfly. Knowing that it is important and being able to do it consistently is two different animals. One of the ways that will help you understand when you don't release smooth and shows you what it does to your point of impact is long range shooting (50 plus yards). You need to do this over calm water at a small target like a stick sticking up out of the water so you see your hits. After you ave got the range down fairly close, as you shoot you will soon understand that you can not come close unless you have that smooth release. This type of shooting will help you feel that smooth release more quickly. I used to have a little 4 inch diameter stump sticking out of the water about 6 inches at 60 yards that I put a lot of steel balls into. I did not realize that they were sticking into it until a man in a boat told me one day that that stump had a bunch of ball bearings stuck in it.
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