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Today I will call your attention to maybe the most important aspect of shooting and that is attitude! Do you have the passion, drive, ability to take criticism, a positive outlook, to over come pain and other introspective's! In a nutshell, if you don't want to shoot, you won't shoot well. This does not just apply to shooting a flip, but also everything you do. A lot of folks think that they don't have a choice, but they do. Being a senior I have a lot of trouble with my attitude, when you are sore, weak, have poor eyesight and excreta it is easy to dwell on those problems and make yourself miserable, or you can concentrate on positive things and and be happier and do things better. This morning I did not feel good and it was hard to get up and do the things that I needed to. I did go shoot the flip and because i was feeling sorry for myself, I did not shoot well I had 14 fliers out 40 shoots and one of them I am pretty sure, missed the plate. (sometimes if you go through the same hole it will sound like plate miss) I thought this might help someone else, I know it helped me to write it! :what:

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