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I took into consideration all of what you guys said. I did in the end get a wasp uniphoxx.

Changing distances between 5 and 10 metres (however still focusing on 5m to hone in my accuracy). I tried the point blank practice, surprised how effective that was to find my reference point. Changing the size of the target, using paper targets etc.

Out of the hundreds of shots I've put in with this wasp I've only had two fork hits, which was due to poor release of the pouch.

Consistency has dramatically improved and my confidence has greatly improved. Ive still got a lot of improvement to make, but thoroughly enjoying it.

Thank you for all the help, I'm gonna stick with the wasp for now.

All I can say is this little wasp is a fantastic slingshot. All I want to do is add a little camo wrap on the handle to improve grip.
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