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This is my oak (repurposed coffee table) Tex-Shooter replica with Tex's Field bands. I didn't sand it perfectly smooth, left some rasp marks and other imperfections. Then I gave it a couple of "apply and wipe right off" coats of Minwax Mission Oak stain, which really brought out the grain. I finished it with one coat of clear brush-on poly, sanded very lightly with 400 grit.
I don't know how it translates in the picture, but the finish looks pre-antiqued, if that's a word. It looks like an heirloom right off the bench.
You'll notice that it doesn't have the trademark Tex-Shooter flares in the middle of the fork. That's because, try as I might, I'm just not cool enough to get them to come out right, so I just made it round.
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