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What 3 slingshots are you most accurate with.?

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Mine are SPS , Dan Hoods Stealth Shot and Simpleshot Scout.

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1. Conus flex -William Wallace -gift from Mr. Muz
Most consecutive hits by far of all of my slingshot

2. BoneGrip flex - fastest most accurate speed shooter The sure grip not having to hold it at all indestructible over the top of the OPfS

3.Pocket predator HTS most accurate gallery shooter if I really settle down this will pinpoint anything

For now !!!!!! Getting some nice stuff might crowd out somebody lol
Wood Bicycle handlebar Audio equipment Tool Gas


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Pic’s nothing is true without pic’s :):):)
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In order: Scorpion, TAC Hammer, and SERE. It's a real close tie between all 3.
ok but A lot of us newbies don't know what those look like
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That's funny who in the hell wants to go look up website to see what somebody likes to shoot I mean I really don't care but gosh show some pictures
There's so many different varieties of every slingshot with peoples different bands and peoples lanyards and the way they hold things and what they've done websites searching to see what somebody else is shooting NO ! "Shift" just show us some pictures make it easy on everybody else in life
Lol like I said I don't care but dang don't defend not showing pictures
Spewing !!!!! Seem a lot o people like that last one if I didn't have bonegrips I would probably be shooting one of those
I love Bill Hays anything I'm getting a custom small HTS from him in a trade and I can't wait it is going to most likely be my all-time target shooter I believe
But just saying there sure is a lot of those out there they must be good
Some people don't have the capabilities to post pictures, so by your standards they can't participate in this discussion?

I don't have standards for anybody they can post anything they want say any words they want put pictures if they want don't put pictures if they want doesn't bother me one iota I just like looking at pictures wanted to see what everybody has I don't even have a computer I do everything off my phone so don't see how somebody couldn't post a picture but anyways like I say I don't care I was just trying to get everybody to put pictures on there
And don't definitely want to get in a pissing match with somebody with your name Lol
Try not to get into any arguments with anybody about any subject I just want to shoot have fun and look at pictures I hope you have a beautiful day sorry that I screwed things up by talking about it I apologize I will stay off of this post from here go to another post thanks I will Unfollow this so as I don't get pissy or anything it was a fun comment to get people sharing .
Sometimes the people on this site are a little uptight about things and it's really hard to please you and be nice and stop and I don't like that so I'll go to another posting play on there thanks . :)
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