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Cherry Whale Frame TTF
Black Theraband 25-20-320mm bands and old glove leather pouch.
Snowed again, threw a can out into the snow and shot from inside the garage!
Do not care all that much for this sh snow........
Went back inside to beside the wood stove - where I had some new frames warming up. The glue is happier when it is a bit warmer. Come to think of it, I am as well. :)


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Some speed and penetration testing today with 7&8mm ammo. My chrony was tricking me, I replaced the battery and my speed went up... I have to check them more often, stupid me.

Beanflip: Snipersling black .50, 24-12 taper at around factor 4.5-4.6 elongation, between 240-250fps with 8mm ammo
Tartgetmaster: Snipersling black .50. 18-9 taper at around factor 5 elongation, also between 240-250fps with 7mm ammo

It's freezing cold out here, so I'm happy with the results. Now I'll replace the cans in my trees and have some fun.
Btw: Warrior Mongol Roo pouches are awesome.
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12841 - 12860 of 12901 Posts