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What bands for 10mm steel?

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Hello i only try TBG and black simple shot, with 10mm steel. Plinking and sometimes hunting too.

I want to try other bands but i have doubt about these options:

- GZK bands (black or orange)
- Precise bands
- Latex

What its more recommendable for shot 10mm steel and as sometimes hunt? Thanks.
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I ordered from and was able to get a bunch of samples of different precise thicknesses and other bands that I could make a few sets out of. It was a dollar for the samples and so I got a bunch of samples to see if anything could be simple shot black .7

For me simple shot black .7 & .6 seem to work best for me, feels like for me and it seems to last longer than the precise. Definitely personal preference that I like the simple shot black it's not as smooth but it moves very fast.

A lot of people like the .8 and thicker but for me it just doesn't feel right. You got to just test them out and see what's good if.

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