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Well yeah, of course I went to Walmart and bought 4 more F-16's ----- A brilliant financial investment that will go down to the annals of time ! (for some reason my wife did not feel the same).

These will be set up using rubber tubing covering the frame and made for shooting flats. I just ordered more 3/16"id x 5/16"od rubber tubing for this project. As a side bar, each side of yellow Daisy pouch tubing will do 1/2 of the frame. So you could have a cool yellow rubber tubed frame joined at the bottom that can be covered up all kinds of ways, in my case covered by a pouch and tassel or a paracord wrap. I might add the original yellow tubing is tougher than old man Kelsy's nose hairs and made to be used for a long long time. It is put on the F-16 for longevity as many kids use this sling and Daisy does not want it to come apart, they want it to last.

I just made one yellow and set it up to shoot marbles, pic below :

The end goals of Daisy and myself are on opposite sides of the spectrum for sure !!

When these slings are made they will be very utilitarian, the only thing I want to fix is the tape band between the forks, I may use paracord between the V in the forks down to the handle for a wall to block the rubber return and smacking me in the web of the hand.

I can't buy or make a sling that is so strong, light and thin that can take the punishment like a F -16. By the time I'm through making this sling I'll have less than $6.00 in it. -- how do you u beat that ?

I miked the diameter of the F-16's in the new white box, and they are the same dimensions as the ones in the old yellow package, but the white package is much harder to open.

I'm very happy the dimensions have stayed the same ---- believe me if things changed and I felt things were cheapened I would report it and give Daisy a ration of fungus --- as a major Daisy F-16 fan boy I would tell it and give my opinion !

As the economy goes down, I don't trust any large company to keep quality the same trying to keep profits up, and the sales price the same as cost of goods sold goes up --- (as a manufacturer I know, the price of metal has gone through the roof !!!)

I very well may buy 4 more F - 16's (another financial decision that will leave my wife underwhelmed) in about two weeks when Walmart is restocked. That in reality will be enough for my lifetime of F-16 buying.

There is no overseas sling that can beat this price and can with very little ingenuity be used for flats or tubes. All you have to do is look what the talented folks on this forum have done with the F-16 frame to see how incredibly versatile it is !

So much for my ramblings !

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