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Brian, go to the "Everything $1.00" stores. They sell bags of marbles in various sizes for (of course) $1.00 per 100 marbles. That's hard to beat and oftentimes they have colored ones that will give you tracer effect, i.e. you can see them fly to the target to correct your next shot. This suggestion will hopefully keep you from watching too much of your money fly out of your wallet for expensive items. You can do this right for less.

If you decide you want to get into this seriously then I strongly suggest the Do-It Molds .44/.50 gang mold. It will make 15 round balls simulateously and after you've eaten the purchase price of the mold and smelting equipment you can scrounge lead for free. Wheel weights are my favorite with the diving belt weights the divers leave on the boats I work on a very close second (they're recycled wheel weights anyway). While I enjoy marbles for plinking and the occasional bird there is absolutely no substitute for lead for targets both living and inanimate.
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