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What kind of videos do you want to see on my channel?

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What kind of slingshot vids do you prefer?
Slingshot News Magazine4210.07%
Destruction/Power Demo Videos5112.23%
Tutorials (simple frames)7117.03%
Tutorials (complex slingshots, X-Bows)5212.47%
Reviews of mass production slingshots296.95%
Reviews of handmade commercial slingshots5112.23%
Presentation of handmade non commercial slingshots5112.23%
Small slingshot inventions + enhancements6415.35%
Other (please explain in thread answer)61.44%
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OK, several people have asked me to do more news magazine vids, but most of my viewers on youtube like my how-tos and destruction videos more.

So what do YOU think? I need your input.

Please no more than three choices!

Well, even though I am not horrible when it comes to hitting the target, I am no tournament shooter and far less accurate than several other members of this forum. Target shooting is simply not my expertise. So I don't feel I am qualified to do target shooting specials, except when I interview people like Jack Koehler and Jim Harris.

Well, hitting with the x-bows is boringly easy, like a break barrel air rifle.
Ah, come on. Nothing is more boring than watching somebody punching paper targets. From all olympic disciplines, the target shooters get the least attention. Which is understandable. It is more thrilling to watch a wet towel drying.

Plus, paper punching with a slingshot is in plentiful supply on video already, the German ban-fearing fraction has loads of that stuff online. I do not disrespect those skills, don't get me wrong, I do admire the accuracy demonstrated in those vids. But few people watch it. I want more views than they get.

But is it all about the amount of views?
Yes, getting my views up is my dominant goal.

That's sad.
Why? I do not show any violence or pornography. All I show is how to make and shoot slingshots.

Yes, my views are really important to me. I am just an eager type of guy who always wants to see what is the limit. But I think the community profits, as I happen to know several people that would not be into slingshots without my channel.

This is my hobby. I do it for recreation. I admit that I enjoy beeing successful on youtube, at three times the age of the average user. This works, I have a lot of fun and I do not cause any harm. I never shoot at living creatures. I do not force anybody to watch my videos. So it certainly is not sad to me. Why is it sad to you?

Friedrich, if you disapprove, then get your behind into gear and do the videos you miss on my channel. I won't stand in your way. Youtube is open to all.

Come on, Joerg! Jeez what did you glean from the poll? What kind of videos are you gonna work on?
First off, thanks to all who have responded. I will consider the outcome of the voting in combination with the hard facts (i.e. viewcounts).

So people want to see more tutorials for simple frames. That will happen.

People here don't like tutorials about complex slingshots. That is interesting as I do get lots of views and positive comments for those on youtube.

Destruction videos HAVE to stay a part of my work as people love them.

Testing handmade slingshots will of course happen all the time.

Here is what is in my "cooker":

- The "Heat Hunter"

A presentation of my first slingshot that heats the bands for more power.

- "Slingshot Machine Gun Case Study"

I will fire 500 lead balls at a supermarket chicken, then I will speed up the video so people can see the chicken beeing torn to shreds in just a minute. This will also be combined with a "band life" part. I recently found a way to make bands last a long time, with lots of power.

- "Scallops"
A presentation, complete with background report and (hopefully) an interview with Dan, the designer, and Paul, the manufacturer (Hogancastings)

- "Mesquite Bunnybuster"
A review about a wonderful "Bunnybuster" slingshot I received just before my vacation + move, it really is time for the video now

- "Golf ball crossbow"
Now that I have made a crossbow that can easily take the strain of two hunterbands, I plan on making a (single shot) golf ball shooter, which will use six Thera band gold bands per side, 18cm x 3cm x 2cm. That is 3 times the strength of a Fish Hunter. I expect that it will propel a golf ball to about 65 m/s (213 fps), 84 Joules.

- "Lethal BBs"

My first fictional project with real actors. A gangster story, in a world where firearms have never been invented and slingshots replace handguns. Slingshots are heavily regulated in this fictional scenario, but the criminals use them anyway. It will end in a big shootout in a car junkyard.

More projects will be added over time. Some of the above listed ideas may never see realization. Time will tell.

Regarding the music, I can't use AC/DC or any other "commercial" music anymore as I am now a youtube partner and not allowed to include copyrighted material that I do not own.

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Stu, I will certainly continue to enhance the sling-x-bow, there is a ton of potential. Pump action, auto loading, ammo selector, all within reach.

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to choose on the last moment, with a cocked weapon in your hands, to decide between paint balls, shot, steel or lead balls?

But in terms of efficiency, all the data is there. Other than heated bands, I do not see any further need for experiment.

Ammo weight, band dimension, draw length, all of these issues are fully explored.

I have been going through a lot of Thera Band and Tube these last two years, but now there are no more surprises.

I've seen you make some very amazing devises, so there's no doubt in my mind that you could find a way!
I could, but that would make me a criminal. Braces are illegal where I live.
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