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What kind of videos do you want to see on my channel?

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What kind of slingshot vids do you prefer?
Slingshot News Magazine4210.07%
Destruction/Power Demo Videos5112.23%
Tutorials (simple frames)7117.03%
Tutorials (complex slingshots, X-Bows)5212.47%
Reviews of mass production slingshots296.95%
Reviews of handmade commercial slingshots5112.23%
Presentation of handmade non commercial slingshots5112.23%
Small slingshot inventions + enhancements6415.35%
Other (please explain in thread answer)61.44%
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I'd love to see bouncing breasts in slowmo ... oh wait, wrong forum. Sorry.

I voted for "Small slingshot inventions + enhancements".
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How's this for "Other" ?

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1 - 2 of 106 Posts
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