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What kind of videos do you want to see on my channel?

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What kind of slingshot vids do you prefer?
Slingshot News Magazine4210.07%
Destruction/Power Demo Videos5112.23%
Tutorials (simple frames)7117.03%
Tutorials (complex slingshots, X-Bows)5212.47%
Reviews of mass production slingshots296.95%
Reviews of handmade commercial slingshots5112.23%
Presentation of handmade non commercial slingshots5112.23%
Small slingshot inventions + enhancements6415.35%
Other (please explain in thread answer)61.44%
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It would be really interesting to see a slow-motion video of the pouch as it crosses through the fork, when the pouch was twisted 1/4 turn at full draw. I am wondering if the pouch turns to its "normal" position by the time it reaches the fork. I would guess it doesn't, since there have been some videos of bareback shooting with no finger hits when the pouch is turned 1/4 turn prior to release. But slow-motion video would show what is actually happening. Maybe try with different types of band (e.g., Express, TBG, rubber band chains) and different draw lengths (to the cheek, half butterfly).
i prefer and you do tutorials videos because we can learn how you do yours slingshots.

Thank you
not sure if this has been mentioned before but, how about an ammo comparison special with slo mo and chrony testing maybe balistic jelly

using some unusual ammo (hex nuts, clay balls etc)

i wonder how fast you could get a 6mm steel ball to go

cos most of us don't have cannon balls

hope this isn't to boring an idea

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two words.... Ballistic Gelatine HAHAHAHAHA love it
i would like to see more tutorials on how to make both normal slingshots and slingshot crossbows, i would really like to see you make a simple exotic wood slingshot that has been laminated together. Oh and i cant wait to see the pitanque ball catapult you said you would have finished for the summer.
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101 - 106 of 106 Posts
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