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It has been a while since I posted or contributed, so I thought... what am I decently competent at doing.
I tie knots quite well and enjoy cordage of all manner. But I make horrible videos... working on that skill set slowly.

Lanyards and safety glasses and hearing protection were not part of my childhood... shoot, we did not even wear seatbelts! Some change is for the better.
So my goal here is to share a button knot from a new Youtube Channel that makes easy to follow videos... also see TIAT (tying it all together- like a meditative knot session) and Cpl. Kelly at Corporal's Corner (practical and suited to squared away types like me).
Always with the Figure 8 Knots... why, why, why knot? ... they are fast and easy, but knot real pretty or fun.
I like putting on a buttun knot, a small "cobra weave", a bead (wooden is preferred), or a push button slide above the the final knot. Now that is fun stuff. The little things and such. (Pics will come later.)

Here is the video.

Thanks for reading.

Mako out! Carry on and sling straight.
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