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Why do flats shoot faster then tubes?

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Obviously tubes are slower then flats, but why is that?? Reduced retraction speed due to the thick walls?

If that's the case why could you not make a tube with say, .7 walls would that not be the best of both worlds? (Except you could not cut tapers)

And why the high draw weight of tubes?, my looped 1632s have a way higher draw weight then my tapered precise .75s (and 1632 walls are pretty thin) but the .75 shoots quite a bit faster?

I dunno, just the questions that keep me up nights
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Do they?

Think the logic is for the same cross section area and the same rubber performance should be about the same.

Comparing a taper to a tube would be illogical as tapers perform better generally - tube would essentially be a straight cut. Though its possible a tube could have a little more friction in the setup.

Also higher performing rubber compared to tubes is again a little unfair on the poor tubes :) - Would be nice to see tubes in Precise etc.

Where tubes really shine for me is consistency - no having to faff cutting bands to exact measurements and more importantly durability - they simply last ages.
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I almost exclusively shoot with tubes. Its the durability which is the main reason I stick with them - I've had sets last well over 2000 shots

Also they'll do everything you'd ever need them too.
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You tried shooting smaller ammo? I shoot 6mm mostly these days - and they're fast and flat shooting and accurate - esp. for stump-thumping or the odd shot while walking (assuming you're not hunting).

Also tying pseudo tapered tubes - say 1/3 length looped...
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I used to think the same :) I do still keep a hunting setup - and even mould some 11mm lead. Using looped bands mean I can carry both setups - just simply change bands and go.

I have to be honest though I enjoy hunting - I'm not in it for simply killing stuff - I need good reason. And I just don't have that with my current lifestyle.

But over time I've stopped carrying a hunting setup and shoot 6mm way more (but also BB's - usually carry mainly those and some 6mm). I think 6mm is that point where weight and hitability seem to be optimised. Definitely give it a go.
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