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All of my serious shooting is done with looped tubes ..2040, 1842, 1745, 3050 and the Kent 3/32id x 3/64wall x 3/16od. All are very good for me as I'm shooting mostly 3/8" to about 1/2" steel and marbles, some times a little more. If I shoot 5/15 steel I will use a single strand of what ever and it is fine. I do use Green Dub Dub for my heavier (115gr-180-gr) lead ammo if I need it, but in general these looped tubes are what I shoot, although Green Dub Dub shoots 5/8" Marbles and 7/16" Steel like a bullet !!

I live in the Antelope Valley area in Ca. and being it is a high desert area, my shots are all in the 30-45 yard range, so I need some flat shooting for the game I go after .....Mostly Starlings and a few HOSPS.

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