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I have 3 main recently changed thanks to Bone's Bone Grip Band Template. I enjoy cutting bandd now.

1.1632 single tubes for 6mm and 4.5mm steels and 8mm clays.

2. 5/16" straight cut .7mm Usopp vanilla bean for 6mm. This one is has enough heat on the pitch I have to pay attention or a fast ball become a sidewinder.

3. 5/8"-3/8" .55mm Usopp tapers for 8mm steel and 1/2" marbles.

I am going to experiment with .7mm now that I have a US supplier.

Lester Light on Fb. Good prices, excellent communication, and he uses US Priority mail. Fast and secure for me...bit pricey, but worth it.

Knight Microfiber Warrior pouches for 6mm & 8mm & marbles...Chinese microfiber pouches for 4.5mm bbs.

Berk sent me a sample of his roo Knight pouches and they are excellent, but not for me.

I will be using them on flips I mail out.

Threads like this make me feel like I know ere'body a little better. Plinkers, hunters, bashers, and long range snipers...all slingers.

Some of us like a variety and some have very specific preferences...

I think this sport eould be an excellent college course...could be P.E. or a Sociology course. haha...
If I taught it I would require interviews of flipsters from other cultures and a detailed section on humane & clean hunting practices.Maybe an iguana recipe.

Msturm, you may be required reading on how to share with young people for me.

Required reading for the learners-
Rufus, Blue, Tex-shooter, J. Koelher, etc...

If this happened community colleges may be looking some of y'all up for adjunct positions.

Haha...imagine the college division slingshot sweet 16!

I like Ala. for targets, but Clemsons's coach is a well spoken squirrel hunter. But everyone knows North Carolina and Tenn are going to be the final teams...haha...
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