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As you know i shoot 20/40 looped tubes 95% of the time. I'm really accurate with them get any where between 1500 and 1800 shots per set. And I hate cutting flats and tapers . Been shooting looped tubes almost exclusively for five years.

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I shoot simpleshot Black when my perimeters of location are tight
Precise Red Green and GZK Gold when I have a longer range in shot
I've got some 2040 tubing that I keep meaning to strap up eventually
Cant wait to try out newer bands and hope that what I have will do for some cold weather for now

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I honestly envy the knowledge and work you have all put into the science of this sporting lifestyle.

I ordered myself a Christmas present from Green Mountain Blue Water (flatband template) so that I can cut a proper flatband. My first 7-in-a-row came with stock flats on a stock PP Scorpion which poured a gallon of gasoline of my slingfire!

I once posted that 'tubes were dumb' and 'old fashioned' and promptly got schooled my the famous M.J. who then took me under his slingwing and actually gifted me and SPS!!?

I am still using a SS 2040 set that looks like it will go on forever. Covert5 made me a flat/tube cocktail set that is not only fine looking, but also looks like it will go on forever. I've used office bands too which a remarkably useable for clay/airsoft/corn nuts and the like.

Suffice to say I now feel like a rubber dunce and need to step up my game. Trying not to forget that there is no shame in using somebody else's rubber. Oh..ah....wait...geez..never mind.

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Alrighty. This showed up so I'll soon be cutting my own flats instead of poaching all of youz. My only concern now is the note I translated that is written on the template. It reads, "we usually shoot with tubes hahaha"...

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