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Generally speaking, hand slap results from flat bands with a draw weight that by far exceeds what is needed for the ammo weight involved: it is the excessive energy that makes it back to your hand. Good calibration of draw weight with ammo weight usually cancels out hand slaps with slingshots.

0.7 mm thick flat band rubber is quite stout by definition.

I would therefore suggest:

- Cutting flat bands that are narrower and tapered (say 30%) to bring the draw weight in line with the 9.5 mm and 11 mm ammo you appear to be using;

- If this is not possible, consider making a "shield" using heat-shaped PVC to be mounted on the the front side of the slingshot to protect the fingers;

- Wearing a protective leather glove until you can further explore one of the other two options above.

The fact that the bands are very much in line with the holding hand in view of the PFS design most likely makes the hand slap problem worse than it would be with a more regular fork width (just an assumption).
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