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The Simple Shot Torque is one of my absolute favorite frames. I own 2, soon to be 3. As great as it is, there were a couple things about it that I didn't care for. The fork gap is a little unforgiving at times, and it's so thin that it can be uncomfortable with heavier bands. Yesterday, I got my sketch pad down with the torque and made a modification to the design. I christened it the 'Widemouth'. I widened the fork gap from 1'' 9/16 to a full 2''. I put the drawing on some 3/4 thick Baltic birch ply, and went to work. After I routed the edges, I scalloped the bottom fork arm (I'm a side shooter) to support my thumb a little better, hit the fork tips with some 400 grit sandpaper, and put bands on it. I noticed a few great things right off. 1) the thicker material makes this thing a real pleasure to shoot. It's super comfortable to hold. 2) the wider fork gap made a big difference. That difference may only be in my head, but it helped. This is only a prototype, but I'm excited to work on the design more. I plan on adding a thin swell to catch the web area of the hand for a more secure grip, and possibly do some sanding for finger placement on the upper fork arm for a pinch brace style grip. I'll update as I go along!

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