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there a office works shop near me and they sell really big rubber bands some are 90% rubber and some are 100% but they are big ill give you that so should i use them because i dont know how to chain them method than x guys i appreciate all your support guys

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How big are they exactly?

Check out this thread for a little more info on large rubberbands.

I'm not the authority on this subject but I do own a box of 100% rubber Alliance Sterling size 107 rubberbands, and they pack a punch. There are a number of ways I can band up with them, and all achieve satisfying power to draw weight, length, and work put into it. They have an excellent snap and are rather thick so I think they will last quite well, time will tel, I just wish it wasn't so cold.

Therefore, depending on the rubberband, it could work I'm very happy with my Sterlings, and my standards are not very low I assure you.

Here is a little more info on them, I'm sure these aren't the only 100% rubber band options out there, but they are all I have experience with.

I hope that helped, cheers
- John

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Do you want to make chains or use single large bands ?

For the larger bands, size 105, 107 & 109, Orificeworks do not carry them as a store item. They are only available from the website. Delivered to your door add about $11 shipping and handling. Add $4.95 for in-store pick-up.
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