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Ok, here is what went down:

Coz my index finger is ****** from shooting and i now sure i have a permanent nerve damage ive been looking into release aids. I dont like the idea of big mecanical things, just need something to help me deload the pressure on my indexfinger. At the end i ended up buying a release aid for those fishing spears that you can use with a slingshot. Its kinda like a manual bowstring release:

The thought here was that i could slot the pouch between the prongs and shoot it like that. It works to some extent, but its dangerous. I stoped using it when i got a RTS from that nearly took out the window behind me. No control. So i started to think.... I moded it and made some thing that would work better. ive gone thru 7 iterations and now ive come up with a solution that fix my problem without taking away to much dexterity from my fingers. Worst thing is to load the sling when you got aids, it takes so much more time, and its fiddly.

So what ive come up with so far i Call the Slingring, and its actually a ring. It solves all my problems and is easy to use. You can tweek with it and use it every way you normaly will shoot. Now i dont have any pain in my indexfinger. I think its so simple and genious and it solved my problem without to much loss of dexterity. Its 3d printed, and it has an off-center cone figuration for better fitting on the indexfinger. Gimmi a shout if you want to try it. ill send you the file so you can print it out in the size you need.

Now some pics:

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