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I'm here to tell you a little about hand held releases. I'm 76 and a retired competition archery shooter with approximately 40 plus years behind me. The release can be a double edged knife. At first it might be like a gift from heaven. Then the devil comes a knocking and you'll have hell to pay. I've heard guys here talk about the YIPS. Most will know what they are.If you don't great,and I hope you never do.If this happens when shooting a release, it can be pure hell. I've known people to give up archery cause they couldn't beat it. Slingshot shooting could be mastered but and there is always gonna be that but. When you start to complicate any sport, slingshot included, it can cause a lot of unforseen goings on. Most of this will be a loss of what used to be fun. Nough said , just my opinion. Oh by the way ,I don't believe that you can BUY good shooting.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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