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Wilson Titanium

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Yep ... I'm Baaaack!!!!

I was doing a bit of cleanup and found a number of slingshot projects I need to finish. So here is a simple one, which I hope might inspire others. I really like making slingshots from things that were not originally intended to be slingshots. Most metal tennis racquets (and racquets from other sports) are good candidates for such a project. Here is an example I picked up cheap at a second hand store.

Wood Bicycle part Plant Twig Hardwood

It is not the one I used for this project, but it is similar. The one for this project, a "Wilson Titanium", I picked up for free from the boulevard, where folks around here leave stuff they no longer want. Anyway, I cut that Y from the frame with a hacksaw. I had some small eye bolts laying around, so I decided to make a ring shooter.

Wood Electric blue Font Metal Kitchen utensil

Textile Office supplies Font Audio equipment Wood

That black blob was cut from a rubber grip from an old golf club ... another boulevard freebee.

Textile Wood Beige Denim Rectangle

The frame is not solid, but actually sort of a honeycomb, which makes it strong but light.

Light Musical instrument Metal Fashion accessory Cylinder

Musical instrument Hand Gesture Thumb Wood

I used a big flat tip screwdriver to open up the eyebolts. I stuffed some aluminum foil into the honeycomb to take up some space, so I would not have to use so much epoxy putty to secure the eyebolts. Once the epoxy was cured, I added small lengths of rubber tubing over the tips of the eyebolts. It makes it easy to put bands on or take them off, but prevents the bands from coming off when you do not want them to.

Blue Musical instrument Azure Office supplies Writing implement

And here is the completed project, first with chained red rubber bands from, and second with Alliance Sterling #107 rubber bands.

Line Twig Electric blue Rope Wire

Medical equipment Musical instrument Body jewelry Medical Wind instrument

I decided to call the wee beast Wilson.

Cheers ... Charles


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That's a very cool project Charles. I see that you've still got it.
Nice job on that one!
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