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Getting ready to shoot paintballs with Mrs. Raja's bosses' children. From left to right, a Marksman 3040 with braided wrist support, Trumark WS-1 with built-up grip, Trumark FS-1 with weighted handle (filled it with plumber's putty) and pink sports wrap, and Trumark FSX-2000, also with weighted handle. Note the oversize "urban leather" pouches (pleather and duct tape). Doubled Theraband blue throws paintballs fast enough to splatter a plank, but a light enough draw weight for the kids to handle.

I am compiling a list of famous sci-fi weapon names to encourage the kids to name their slingshots. Thus far I have noisy cricket, warblade, bat-leth, sonic screwdriver, proton pack, PKD blaster, and light saber ("an elegant weapon for a more civilized age").

Feel free to suggest a name or two!.

Bow-caster (RIP Peter Mayhew), is taken - I will be shooting the Trumark FSX-2000

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts