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Working with wood is nice that way isn't it? Just plug the hole and do it again!
You have mentioned before your flute making. Do you have a spot where you have photos and or describe that endeavour a bit more? It sounds very interesting.
Our youngest daughter-in-law is a young child educator and I made her a bunch of different whistles on the lathe and let her choose her favourite. She uses it every day to get the kids attention. She really likes it as it has a very melodic sound and she says she only has to lift it now (its on a lanyard around her neck) and the kids quiet right down cause they know what is coming! :)
Don’t really have a spot all my flute pics are docked that I could give you access to, mostly on jump drives, my phone, etc.

I made them for approximately 14 years or so straight, then the odd build here and there since then, but they are very time consuming, especially if they have inlay designs/ wood burning’s.

I could PM you a few pics of some though.

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