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Wrap & Tuck

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I almost added to the Clip or Not to clip post, but decided not to.

I remember well the first time I watched PalmettoFlyer do a wrap and tuck while talking to me. All free hand. I clamped forks to a table to get it done.

I was reading the Clip or Not to clip, and I realized I was doing a wrap & tuck freehand. I cut some black latex to use.

Thanks to the many people who have answered my questions.

Sling On.


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Hi I have been using these little rubber bands from several vendor's from China, and the seem to work great. I have been using them to any 6 months without any problems. They come in different sizes, the pics show small,and different tensions. I like them because once you get them stretched over the forks it is easy to roll over the band's once placed.
Do you have a link for where you got these?
They look similar to these. I might have to give them a try on my next order.
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