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Wrap & Tuck

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I almost added to the Clip or Not to clip post, but decided not to.

I remember well the first time I watched PalmettoFlyer do a wrap and tuck while talking to me. All free hand. I clamped forks to a table to get it done.

I was reading the Clip or Not to clip, and I realized I was doing a wrap & tuck freehand. I cut some black latex to use.

Thanks to the many people who have answered my questions.

Sling On.


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Yeah, those appear to be the same type of rubber that we used to band young billy goats (remove their testicles. You use a tool like this one and stretch those rubber cheerios out and over the works... release tension, leave the band. The whole thing dries up and falls off like an umbilical cord.) You can get them at any farm goods type place.

Anyway, sorry to interrupt, what was it you guys were talking about? Line Font Auto part Elbow Drawing


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