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Yard work today, potential forks? Now what?

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Happy Saturday all!
Sooooooo... did some yard work today, about a month or so ago we chopped down a few trees didn't get to cut em up u til today. Before I wouldn't even pay attention to any of the forks that can come out of them until I joined up here.
So every nice one I seen I cut em up and put it to the side. Only got 2 trees done but I got 22 potential forks out of em. I have no idea what I should have been looking for or going for so I just got plenty of hefty ones..... so question is...

Are these worth drying and trying out? not a wood person so I don't even know what kind of wood they are, (2 different trees) I'm more into the plastic and metal frames to be honest but seeing everyone's naturals here.... if I already got it at home, why not give it a shot(still have a few f16s to try out)
2.ive read the drying process can take a while and I should cover the ends. I left them out in the sun since they are pretty new cuts and to dry em up a little for the day.

Any advice? I'm pretty sure a good chunk of em might not even be worth trying out.
What do yall think?


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I think you have several candidates for bark-on naturals.

While you stash the rest in a warm, well ventilated spot to dry, pick one of the most symmetrical that fits your hand. Use a saw to make the forks and butt the length you like. Use a knife, file or sandpaper to round off the sharp corners and band it up. I always shoot with a lanyard, so I would either drill the butt or add a groove.

Nice haul.

There are a couple that might be a little short in the handle, but that can be fixed by gluing on an extra length or attaching a pinky loop/lanyard.
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