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A couple guys have PM'd recently ... asking *how* i made my recent frames, which includes the DKC full size frame and DKC Torpedo, so i thought it would be a nice opportunity to showcase a couple pics of the process, along as creating good/enjoying content for the community.

I've had good success with my previous *build logs* and i've enjoyed making them. It's been around a year since the last one.... Time for a couple new ones? :D

First build log -

Second build log -

ANYONE is welcome to use my designs/process

DKC Torpedo PDF file download -

Before anything else, i will heavily emphasize the importance of proper safty equipment !!! eye protection, ear muffs and a HEPA P100 respiratory filter is reccomended. Especially if you are grinding/dry sanding aluminium and composites, the fumes and fine dust can make you really ... really sick.


WEAR your safty equipment !


Using the proper grinding belts for the job ... 2" Ceramics for "stock removal" and 1" Aluminium Oxide for handle/scale shaping


Basically, cut out the printed design and glue it on the material (Aluminum for my case) paint over it with dark colors or if you have engineers ink, use it.


Notice the small center punch on the fork, ready for drilling.


Nasty aluminium dust after heavy grinding ... don't breathe these particles!


Ready for handles/scales.

Guys .. let me know what handle material you want to see made? they basically involve the same process .... currently i've got G10, Mustard Micarta and Natural Canvas Micarta. They are tough and durable materials ... G10 is a lot easier to machine and sand (But the fiber glass dust SUCKS) where as Micarta is really harsh on the belts (Dust is not as bad as G10) ..

Up coming .....

Cut out the scale/handle material

Shape the scale/handle

Bevel the aluminium frame

Sand the frame ... 80, 120, 220, 320grit

Glue the scales/handles w/pins

Grind the excess pins/epoxy

resand the frame

Onto the buffer with a fine scotch brite wheel

Silicon Carbide Abrasive blast at 60PSI


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someone just put the sotm badge in his sig already, geesh ! can you get anymore awesomer !? looking forward to it danny2304876203867028345023948029348750293876029385702398570235701875-

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I like work in progress! Next best thing to being there! Thanks!
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