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Your red headed step child “mine pocket predator secret agent “

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OK guys being new to this for about five or six months I've tried a lot of different slingshots and styles seem pretty easy to adjust to all the different styles don't really like through the forks yet Definitely like PFS for just all around shooting Gallery shooting seems I do best with the pocket predator HTS style instinctive shooting by far PFS butt and it's a big butt
The Secret agent is giving me such a hard time I do good for 10 or 15 shots then three 4 fork hits damm !!!!! put it down come back to again I'm sure it's adjusting of the hand doing something but it's just over the top slingshot why am I having such a problem with this little beautiful shooting sling , this sling fits my middle finger on my right hand none of the other ones had a big enough hole and it honestly is one of my favorite but I cannot shoot it ! Yet
I've tried three different bands set up's now I'm down to a small band BB size pouch shooting small clay just to learn how to shoot this thing Fork hits on my new g10 really hurts my feelings Lol once I perfect this I will have to buy a new one because of my 10 fork hits on mine lol I know it's really weird to adjust to a bunch of different styles all at once I have settled down PFS main shooter most of the time and I know my knife sharpener isn't the best in the world so my knives are a little doll up upstairs i'll get it but damn I don't know why am having such a problem
So I was wondering what is your " Red headed step child "
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I have one of the alloy self-build secret agent frames - they do shoot well. But with a narrow fork gap - fork hits area threat. For me the only other frame I had this issue has been the Torque - behaves flawlessly and then can out of the blue shoot itself.

The obvious option is to use smaller ammo - 6mm or BB's

I have been after the G10 SA as well as the Ring Finger shooter.
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