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Yep ... still infected with PFS mania!!!!

As so many of my projects, this one started with a cruise through a local second hand store. For 89 cents, I picked up a lovely laminated bamboo spatula:

As you see, it was a laminated with strips of contrasting light and dark colors. I suppose I could be wrong about the material, but it has the same look and feel of other bamboo kitchen ware that I have. Anyway, it is slightly wider than the more standard PFS design, as you can see below:

So I decided to just leave the extra width because it fit my hand so well. Basically, I just cut the spatula straight across for the top of the forks, notched it in the middle to form the forks, and cut the handle off. I also drilled a lanyard hole. After rounding all edges with a bit of sandpaper, I set it up using a green leather pouch and a set of bands made from two Alliance Sterling 105s. Here is what it looks like:

The bands are attached to the pouch using type-z attachment I stole from ZDP-189:


Oh, and you probably noticed the flat bands ... I did mention them, didn't I !!! Well, today my postie delivered a package from Amazon containing a box of Alliance Sterling 107s and a box of Alliance Sterling 105s. I cut a couple of the 105s in half to make the band set. You can see at the forks that I doubled each band over and used the extra bit as cushion over the top of the fork.

Of course I had to try it out, so I hung a soda can in front of my bullet trap. I fired off 50 rounds of .44 caliber (11 mm) lead balls, just zip, zip, zip. I did not aim ... just intuitive shooting. I completely shredded the can. I did not hit with every shot, especially as the remaining bit of can got smaller and smaller. But I was much better than I ever have been when shooting intuitively.

This is my favorite PFS of all. It feels really good in my hands, and it seems I can hit reasonably well with it. I am sure it is a combination of the bands and the stock. Total cost was less than $2.

Moral: Keep your eyes, and your brain, open and cruise those second hand stores!

Cheers ...... Charles
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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